Advanced Pure Lead + Carbon Technology

LEOCHAdvanced Pure Lead + Carbon batteries offer superior performance in Partial-State-Of-Charge (PSOC) applications.  These high power, energy dense batteries offer super-fast charging from 0% to 90% in 1 hour and a long deep cycle life of 3000 cycles @ 50% DOD.  These batteries combine pure lead and advanced carbon technologies for extended battery life and rapid charge aceptance.


Additional Info

  • General Features:

    Long Deep Cycle Life - 3,000 Cycles @ 50% DOD

    Super-Fast Charging: From 0% to 90% SoC level in less than 1 hour

    Exceptional PSOC Performance

    Wide Operating Temperature Range (-40℃ – +55℃ )

    Doubled Shelf Life (2 years) with Low Self-discharging Rate

  • Typical Applications:

    Designed for residential or light-commercial off-grid

    Backup / self-consumption renewable energy stoarge

    Outdoor cabinet

    High voltage power station

    Mobile Power Supply for Vehicles

    Base station with unstable power grid

  • Specifications (Click on the link to see PDF):


    Model Voltage 20HR@25℃
    Dimension in [mm]

    lbs [kg]

    Length Width Height Total
    PLC+C-180FT 12 180Ah  22.0 [559.0]  4.92 [125] 12.6 [320] 12.6 [320] 127 [57.6] M8

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