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LHT Series

LHT Series H/L Temp, High/Low Temperature Tolerant (Special AGM Design) Applications:

Every aspect of this LHT (AGM) battery is designed for extreme high & low temperature stations without air-condition.  Extreme temperatures with AGM non-watering maintenance ease for Outside Plant Communication base station, Utility Switchgear stations in outdoor enclosures, APU – Aux Power Units, Solar /Wind energy storage, and Railway signalling stations.

LPF Series

LPF Series (Telecom and UPS):

Front Terminal AGM Telecom & Utility Control Applications:

Designed for Standard 19" or 23 " relay racks and power cabinets / Network connection equipment of communication systems / Wireless and Wireline Telecom sites / local area network / Power stations systems / Excellent for APU (Aux Power Units) 

Front Terminal AGM - High Rate UPS Application:

Designed for UPS power cabinets requiring front terminals for easy maintenance recording /  Critical UPS, standby power supply,  APU – Aux Power Systems / Power station systems / Railway and marine systems.

LOP Leoch Outside Plant - Mono Bloc Series

LOP Leoch Outside Plant - Mono Bloc Series

LOP Top & Front Terminal AGM Batteries – Telecom & Utility Control Applications:

Designed for Long Life outside plant batteries for Telecommunication power back-up, DC power supply, Wireless & Wireline Huts, Mobile Communication Trailers, Utility Switchgear & Control. Excellent for APU (Aux Power Units).