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LPG Series

LPG Series - Top Terminal Mono Bloc Gel Batteries for Outside Plant Telecom Applications

Outside Plant Telecom applications where the extra GEL electrolyte will extend life in CATV applications, and other outside cabinet enclosure applications.

OPzV Series

OPzV Series - Tubular GEL (Critical Cycling Applications)

Telecommunications (Wireless and Wireline Telecom huts) / Off the grid Wireless & Radio telephone relay stations / Long Life Utility Plant Back-up Power, Emergency lighting systems / Solar & Wind Energy Storage / Railway signalling / Process and control engineering / Standby power / Critical Buoy lighting.



PLH+C Series

PLH+C Series - Pure Lead, Thin Punched Plate Carbon Battery

Pure Lead used to optimize the high rate and float life

Punched continuous grid strip – better metal crystal structure

Continuous, double pasting process – high consistency and reliability

High Temperature Curing for Standby application to improve cycling ability

COS welding, TTP and ABS heat sealing - Low internal resistance and Low self-discharging rate

Rapid charging acceptance and cyclic endurance for a superiorperformance in extreme environmental conditions

Jar formation is involved which is more under environment friendly consideration

LDC Series

LDC Series - Deep Cycle AGM Battery, Maintenance-Free
AGM batteries have long shelf life, which means just install and they are ready for use. The maintenance-free design means no watering. The DTA series provides a clean and reliable power source for your electric equipment.


LPS Series

LPS Series - General Purpose AGM Battery Applications

Green energy systems (solar, wind, hydro, etc) / Solar power stations/ Measurement stations / Pump systems / Signal station
Survey and Mapping system / Emergency lighting Railway crossing / Traffic lights/ Street lightening / Lawn lamp / Street signs / SOS pillars / Alarm installations  /  Weekend cottage camping / Caravans Boats or buoys